Welcome to the Ubasa Wrestling Academy! The Ubasa Wrestling Academy is a supplemental club to help improve your wrestling skills on and off the mat. Essential Skills are emphasized in this program to help wrestlers compete at the highest level! There are eight essentials skills: stance, motion, level change, penetration step, lifting & driving, back step, back arch, and hip heist; these skills are important for a well rounded wrestler to master. While achieving mastery of these skills, simplicity will be key. Keeping wrestling simple will help wrestlers to learn faster and more effeciently. Coach Ubasa has a proven system that can be used at any level from high school to the Olympics. The Ubasa Wrestling Academy has turned out numerous Kids State Champs, High School State Champs, Fargo Freestyle/Greco Roman Champs, and College NCAA Champions. If you want to learn how to win, improve your wrestling skills, and learn life lessons, please get a hold of Coach Ubasa at 319-321-7674 or by email at www.ubasawrestling@yahoo.com

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